UAR comparisons

Here you can see various comparisons between movies with usual aspect ratios and Ultimate Aspect Ratio (hint: watch them fullscreen)

20,000 Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

  • link - WEB LB Vs UAR - usually more image on left and bottom sides; sometimes only on bottom; dealing with two very different master, dunno if it will be possible to get a viable final version using both source for all scenes; a compromise would be to use them for the vast majority of shots, while using just one for the few shots where blending doesn't work.

Alien 3

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR - incredibly, it’s possible to add some (few) parts of an image even on anamorphic films!

Alien: Resurrection

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR - not only more image on top and bottom, in comparison to blu-ray, but also on both sides!!!

Arrival, The (1996)

  • link - DVD FS Vs UAR - this is mostly a fullscreen version with added “slices” on both sides; if there is some interest, I’m ready to turn it in an hybrid fullscreen version instead.

Creep (2004)

  • link 1 - WEB OM Vs UAR - regrade test1, more blueish tones
  • link 2 - WEB LB Vs UAR - regrade test2, more natural colors

Daredevil TC

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR regraded - gains a bit on top and bottom, and sometimes on one side too! (thanks to zoidberg for the Theatrical Cut project!)

Dark Tower, The

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR moviefingerprint - open matte has logo which is visible in few shots; solutions could be to wait for another open matte version without logo (or with it in another place), or use the plain BD, or crop the top of the image, or try an impaint and see if could work (it probably will in a couple of shots IMHO).

Deep Rising

  • link 1 - link 2 - * link 3 - HDTV OM Vs UAR regraded - this will be mostly an hybrid version, but it’s interesting to note that, even in full open matte shots (almost all), the UAR has more image on top thanks to blu-ray!

Earth Girls Are Easy

  • link 1 - DVD LB Vs UAR - a small gain in image size, but a lot in details!
  • link 2 - WEB (cropped) Vs UAR - in this case, UAR has (a lot more) image on both sides, and better color/contrast

Elektra TC

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR - here the image gained on one side is more consistent, and happens quite often! Final version will be regraded

Event Horizon

  • link - BD LB (squeezed) Vs UAR regraded (corrected AR) - usually a bit more image on left and bottom sides; few times, on space shots, as in this one, UAR has a lot more image than BD!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR triple source

Jurassic Park

  • link - HDTV LB Vs UAR regraded - no color reference used, but I like these colors!

Jurassic Park III

  • link - HDTV OM Vs UAR - as other UAR dual sources, this has many shots in fullscreen with “slices” added on both sides, but in many others the contrary is true, where open matte has more image on top and/or bottom.

Matrix, The

Resident Evil

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR moviefingerprint

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

  • link - BD OM Vs UAR - maybe it will end up using three

Resident Evil: Afterlife

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR regraded - only few scenes are actually really in open matte (and subsequentially in UAR); of course, the French text is not present in the final version!

Robocop (1987)

  • link 1 - unreleased Sony BD LB Vs UAR regraded - thanks to FS, there is a lot more image on both top and bottom; most of the shots (probably 95%+) are 1.33:1 with small added slices on the sides.
  • link 2 - remastered BD LB Vs UAR - gains a bit more image also on both sides

Silent Hill

  • link - HD-DVD LB Vs UAR - final version will be regraded

Star Wars Story: Rogue one

  • link - BD LB Vs UAR - welcome unexpected surprise!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • link 1 - HD-DVD LB Vs UAR - test version! I’m still not happy with the color matching in some scenes, so I won’t work on it until I’ll be able to find out a letterbox (even in standard definition) which uses the same master of the fullscreen DVD.
  • link 2 - link 3 - link 4 - UK PAL LD LB Vs UAR

Terminator 3

  • link - HDTV OM Vs UAR moviefingerprint

Village, The

  • link - HDTV LB Vs UAR - also a tiny bit more image on both top and bottom.


  • link 1 - Waterworld_WEB_vs_FC - WEB OM Vs Hybrid regraded - incredibly, the latter has even more image than official open matte version...
  • link 2 - Waterworld_WEB_vs_UAR - preliminary test, using VHS as fullscreen source Hint: watch the comparison in fullscreen.

Note: at the moment, none of these has been released (yet?!?)